RFG2018’ – or Resources for Future Generations is a major international conference to be held in Vancouver, June 2018. The conference will be an unprecedented gathering of scientists, engineers, policy makers, industry and civil society who will collectively address the challenges of providing water, energy and minerals for the future in an environmentally and socially responsible way. We are expecting 4,000-5,000 attendees to a multi-faceted event, which will include plenaries, scientific presentations, industry and student networking, and public outreach/education. There will a strong emphasis on young leaders, professionals and students - Future Generations - with many opportunities for participation, special events, and mentoring.

The conference is held under the auspices of the IUGS (International Union of Geological Sciences) and is being organized by 3 partners – Geological Association of Canada (GAC), Mineralogical Association of Canada (MAC) and the Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM). In addition to being a major IUGS event, the conference will also be the annual GAC-MAC conference providing a focus on the earth, the processes that provide resources and the environmental constraints that must be met. In addition, we have 34 technical organizations as partners providing content /sessions and communication to their members and the public. Our publicity is reaching more 35,000 people and is still building! 

The conference will demonstrate that Canada is a leader in responsible resource development and use, and has a vision for how we will provide for future generations without impacting our home - planet earth.

Do you want to help in making the Resources for Future Generations 2018 Conference a success?

If so, please download and fill out the volunteer questionnaire so we can find out more about your strengths and passions. The RFG Committee Leaders will use this information to place you in the most appropriate volunteer position for RFG 2018. Forms can be submitted to Lindsay Steele, lindsaydsteele@gmail.com