Vision and Goals

The conference acknowledges the following:

  • The conference will take place on traditional Coast Salish land within the territory of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations
  • The City of Vancouver provides the setting for the conference which will be held in the Vancouver Convention Centre
  • Humans will need a range of natural resources including energy, minerals and water to survive and prosper for the foreseeable future
  • Energy, minerals and water are critically linked, and also tied to other sectors and enterprises – agriculture-food, forestry, infrastructure, new and green technologies, and human health
  • Appropriate development of these natural resources, including innovation and new technology, requires finance and support from capital markets and governments
  • The mix and importance of specific natural resources and related commodities will change over time – transitions to new resources (substitutions and new uses) may be disruptive
  • Humans will increasingly value the environment from global to local scales as they appreciate the impact that environmental degradation has on human lives and other lifeforms
  • Meeting resource needs for the future while satisfying these challenges will be critical
  • Research across the full spectrum of earth science, and related areas of engineering and technology, will play vital roles in advancing understanding and use of natural resources
  • Different perspectives on resources from ownership to use reflect human origins and conditions – urban, rural, employee, and user – those who benefit and those impacted
  • Indigenous people have a unique history and valuable knowledge related to natural resources and the environment that must be understood
  • Listening to different views and seeking understanding will provide a basis for a better future
  • The strategies, approaches and innovations needed for the future will increasingly involve current youth who will inherit the opportunities and challenges posed by natural resources

Given these critical factors, the goals of the conference are:

  • To improve understanding of the Earth and natural resources – energy, minerals and water – in terms of their origin, source, distribution, availability, and constraints on extraction
  • To increase recognition of the relationships among natural resources, and other areas that support human life, the role that resources play in the environment – positive and negative, and the complex needs of humans – indigenous, local, and jurisdictional
  • To engage young people from all walks of life in the conversation about natural resources, and to inspire them to solve the challenges of the future
  • To provide industry, government and civil society – researchers, practitioners and the general public – with the knowledge and opportunities to work together for a better future