Gathering Place

The Gathering Place at RFG will focus on examples of benefits and opportunities in the responsible resource development industry with a Canadian Indigenous perspective. AME has a proud tradition of presenting The Gathering Place at the annual Roundup conference and is pleased to expand the program to RFG this year. The sharing of success stories including partnerships and perspectives will be of benefit to those wishing to pursue responsible, timely and mutually beneficial projects within Canada.

Join us to hear directly from Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders on shared benefits of working together in the critical Canadian resource industry.

Welcome and opening

Join us as we kick of this day of dynamic programming with a traditional welcome to the Coast Salish territory as well as opening comments from our sponsors and AME.

Moderator: Lana Eagle



Lana Eagle is an Indigenous relations strategist and a Social Innovator advising companies on how to better engage and work with Indigenous communities and to find a pathway forward towards a Reconciliation framework. She has her own consultancy. Her background is in banking, economic development, wealth management and mineral exploration.

She is also an avid volunteer. Lana joined AME’s Aboriginal Relations Committee six years ago and has served as Chair since 2013. She is also serving on the Board of AME for a 3-year term, being the first Indigenous woman to serve as a Director in its over 100 year history. She is also a Program Advisory Committee Member for Mining and Mineral Exploration at the BC Institute of Technology. She is a sought out lecturer and speaker. Lana is a member of the Whitecap Dakota First Nation in Saskatchewan.

Panel sessions
Tuesday June 19 from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

Advancing Economic Development: Building Communities Through Mineral Exploration and Development – 1 hour
The panel will showcase examples of the benefits from successful partnerships in the mineral exploration and development industry that have been realized by the for communities in which they work.

30 minute lunch break

Working Together to Achieve Social License-1 hour
Industry and community business development perspectives are showcased in this conversation which should inspire and guide those looking to form respectful, fruitful partnerships that stand up over time.

Defining Sustainability in the Natural Resource Industry-1 hour
A discussion on the different meaning of sustainability to communities, companies and others – seeking consensus in the context of natural resources.

Traditional Knowledge and Western Science: A Powerful Combination- 1 hour
Learning from different perspectives and to enhance natural resource development and successful management.

Benefits of Utilizing Local Knowledge, Workforces and Supplies- 1 hour
A case history example of a successful partnership between We Wai Kai (Cape Mudge), We Wai Kum (Campbell River) and BC Hydro that has spanned over many years and projects.