Oral Guidelines

What would we do without our valued Presenters! You are the pulse of the conference and we appreciate your participation and willingness to share your knowledge, experiences, and innovative ideas.


  • Oral presenters must register by April 01, 2018 to guarantee their place in the program schedule. A preferential registration fee is set for presenters. Please visit the registration webpage.
  • The live technical program specifying presentation dates and times will be posted May 15, 2018. Visit: http://rfg2018.org/en/RFG/2018/Technical-Program/Technical-program
  • You do not need to submit your oral presentation: when you come to the conference, please bring your oral presentation(s) (Powerpoint is ideal) on a usb stick.
  • Room 113, Presenters’ Preparation Room will have audio-visual equipment to review presentations.
  • The abstract book will be on a USB key distributed to all registered delegates on-site.
  • Abstract text will not be published in the printed program guide (only title, authors, affiliations).

For more information, contact your Session Convener or the RFG2018 Program Coordinator, Chantal Murphy.


  • 12 min presentation +3 min question period. Exceptions are invited speakers or participants in a panel discussion; your Session Convener will confirm the exact presentation time periods.
  • An LCD projector and computer will be in each presentation room. Contact Chantal Murphy before May 01, 2018 if you have special audio-visual requirements.
  • Please arrive in your session room 30 min before the session starts to upload your presentation.
  • Session Chairs will introduce each presenter; please bring a paper copy of your biographical profile (max 100 words) in the presenting room prior to the session.

Powerpoint Recommendations (RFG2018 will not provide a template)

  • Slide layout: widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Slides should clarify and complement what is spoken: avoid putting spoken words on slides.
  • Many simple slides are better than one complex slide (limit to 7 lines or 20 words per slide).
  • Allow one slide per minute.
  • Use contrasting colours. A dark background with light text is visually-appealing.
  • Avoid red or dark blue text: it does not project well.
  • Double-spaced text is more legible.
  • Sans serif font (e.g., Calibri, Arial) is more legible than a serif font (e.g., Times New Roman).
  • Minimum font size 18 pt; headings should be at least 24 pt.
  • Ensure the line thickness is sufficient before transferring an image from a graphics package.
  • Title slide should contain title, authors’ names, date, and location of the presentation.
  • Include a “Contents” or “Agenda” slide that identifies headings for discussion.
  • Use a separate slide for the heading to be discussed and provide more information if required.
  • Apply the same slide colour scheme used on the main title to the contents slides (for continuity).
  • The final slide may display the company logo, to be left on the screen during the question period.