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The Earth

How has Earth changed over 4.5 Billion years, and why do we have resources - energy, minerals and water? Earth's defining systems are complex, including interactions of the atmosphere, oceans, active plate tectonics, and abundance life.

Stephen Morison


Availability of energy has supported the development of the human race. Increasing population and basic human needs will require vast increases in energy supply.

Greg Lynch
Mark Cooper


Minerals service every aspect of modern life. Although influenced by cycles and volatility, human needs, energy demands, and new technology will maintain demand for many commodities.

Liz Stock
Dave Lentz


Clean water is a fundamental human right. Availability of water requires understanding surface and subsurface sources. Water is critically linked to energy and minerals, in addition to agriculture.

Diana Allen
Roger Beckie

Resources & Society

Bring exploration and mining in the 21st century from responsible to sustainable. Roles of governments and development opportunities for indigenous peoples to benefit a larger society. Developing Resources for Future Generations with Environmental and Social Responsibility. 

Oliver Bonham
Geoscientists Canada
Rob Stevens
Stephen Morison
Philip Hill

Education & Knowledge

Education and knowledge has shaped us and our society as we know it. Teachers will continue to form future generations by transmitting their knowledge, values and passions, and by guiding students towards their future careers.

Lesley Hymers
Mining Matters